Alicja Kwiatkowska was born in Wroclaw, Poland. She started to photograph when she was 17 years old using an old Zenit camera, a present from her father. At the beginning she worked in black and white. She used to develop her photos in a dark-room constructed by her grandfather in her parents basement. During that time she used to photograph mainly travels, but when she was 23 years old she moved to Lisbon and the city became her favourite topic. She attended various photography courses and workshops in Portuguese Institute of Photography. In July 2016 she completed photography project course at “Atelier de Lisboa” under Bruno Palletier Sequeira supervision with her first project titled “Pieces”. In September 2017 she finished a photobook course at “Atelier de Lisboa” under António Júlio Duarte supervision, with the project “8 Casas”. At present moment she is studying in Hélice photography school in Lisbon, working with professors Duarte Amaral Netto, João Paulo Serafim, Rodigo Tavarela Peixoto and Valter Ventura.